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Bee Coop

Because aggregation is a lever for the development of our agriculture, we have thought of Bee Coop, a collaborative cloud management tool for aggregates.


These allow the aggregators to have a 360 ° view on the parcels and a control of the relationship with the aggregated on the contractual, technical, financial and logistic level.

Unlock the potential of aggregated advice and coaching and production tracking to achieve better performance and generalize good driving practices.

Have more visibility on aggregated area, contracts and plots with real-time reporting on plots, contracts, stock and yield.

Have real-time access to observations and schedule advisors’ visits to allow for an appropriate and timely response to realities on the ground.

Keep the connection with farmers and advisors and ensure better management of the relationship with the aggregates.

With these two modules Mobile and desktop, Bee Coop allows:

A Bidirectional communication between advisers and agricultural upstream team with feedback from observations and visits and support of technical guidance.
Connected and disconnected mode to facilitate use of the application in an environment without connection with the use automatic data synchronization. Integration with other systems via SQA architecture.
Real time and mapping reporting of aggregated area with relevant indicators on the evolution of production and the indebtedness of farmers.
Simultaneous access to a web and mobile architecture. Enhanced security and high availability through the use of cloud and scalability of the architecture.