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Bee One

The leading ERP for the agricultural profession, an exceptional functional wealth. Make the choice of mastery and performance.


Bee One

Bee One is an ERP designed exclusively for the management of the farm, it is an effective decision support tool, configurable and easy to use. The Bee One solution effectively manages all technical and economic data with the objective of ensuring the operational monitoring of agricultural activity, analyzing productivity and profitability along different lines of analysis and enabling decision-making in real time.

Centralized and consolidated management

Ergonomie -300x300


Bee One offers a user-friendly, flexible platform and a logical menu sequence. The unique interface gives you access to all the features essential to managing your farm.

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Bee One offers a method of input inherited from the model of Existing “Paper” forms, you can easily control all the activity and exchanges while benefiting from a rich and relevant reporting.

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Our Bee One employees are available to train and assist you until you assimilate the solution completely. Training is provided either at our premises or at the client’s premises.

Rich and relevant reporting


Operational Edition

Manage Your Daily operations


Analytical balances by module

For better checking of your activivity



Make decisions


Need more?

Open reporting database