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Bee Phyto

Bee Phyto is a Moroccan application that offers a possibility of research according to several criteria and to compare between the different inputs proposed by different companies. Bee Phyto offers you the possibility of search according to several criteria and to compare the various inputs proposed by different companies. Bee Phyto can also provides contacts of companies and distributors. Bee Phyto is constantly updated: Introductions or withdrawals of pesticides, fertilizers and seeds, new approvals technical data changes, new distributors…etc, all in real time.



You can be connected to the news of the Moroccan agricultural world.



The flagship element of Bee phyto application is that the farmer can have in real time the details of phytosanitary, fertilizer and seeds approved on the Moroccan territory with an instant access and a filtration pointed by culture, enemies, active ingredient, category, commercial name or company).



You do not have time to read news published in our application? The users of Bee Phyto app can put an article as favorite and read it later on.

Instant virtual access
Bee Phyto makes it easy for you to access a list of different agricultural inputs instantly. The application gives you a view on withdrawals or the introduction of pesticides, fertilizers and seeds approved in the Moroccan territory.
Direct Contact
Bee phyto is the application that gives you the contact of the distributors of agricultural inputs you need.
Ergonomic Design
The Bee Phyto app is designed to give you a better experience, simple and easy to use.