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The best of mobile technology at the service of our valiant farmers

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Bee Phyto

Bee Phyto: The list of agricultural inputs for sale nationwide, the objective is to give industry professionals the opportunity to consult online or offline the list of pesticides authorized nationally.

Bee Phyto offers you the possibility of research according to several criteria and to compare between the various inputs proposed by the different companies. Bee Phyto can also contact companies and their distributors. Bee Phyto is constantly updated: Introductions or withdrawals of pesticides, new approvals, changes in technical data, new distributors. . . etc., all in real time.

Bee Agri

Mobile platform for the exchange between agricultural photo professionals about phenomena that may occur on their crops (diseases, pests, deficiencies, weather damage, identification of a crop, a stadium ... etc.).

The platform offers a reference list of crops, diseases and pests, but also a list of experts certified by Agridata that can be requested by farmers.

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Bee Obs

Observatory of crop pests. Thanks to a web and mobile platform, farmers can ensure better monitoring and monitoring of crop pests.

The goal is to create traps, parcels and farms on the platform and then allow field agents to capture the data collected every day on the trap. fieldwork is done via a mobile application; the information is then reassembled in real time among managers, quality managers, technical departments, offices concerned, and even the customer if desired (of course, access is well managed by type of user profile). Traps per plot are geolocated to produce a dynamic map of pest populations by region. counting thresholds are built into the platform to alert those responsible for the level of attack.